Our Team

If you are motivated to make a difference and not afraid to be wrong, you belong to Prahant. We are inspired to become better at what we do on a daily basis and if you share such a passion, we will provide you with an environment to grow. As a human being, and as a professional.

Mr Yogesh Soni is the founder and director of Prahant. Being born in a jeweller’s family, he decided at a very young age to pursue his passion for construction. He explored the field of construction while managing the family business of jewellery in Vadodara. In 2009, he finally decided to shift to the field of construction and hence founded “Prahant”.

Since 2009, he has been working towards making Prahant reach the ultimate goal that he has envisioned for the company. With vast experience in the field and a constant desire to make the company better everyday, Mr Yogesh Soni constantly motivates and pushes the team to perfection every single day. He is a strong believer of learning from mistakes and focuses on applying all the learnings to the smallest areas of the company.

Yogesh Soni

Founder & Director


Yagnesh has practically joined the company even before attending college in 2019. With a very innovative mindset and a strong desire to revolutionise the entire industry, he works hard towards making Prahant reach new heights every day. He believes that there is a solution to every barrier and sees challenges as ways of improving obsolete processes and discovering better techniques. He believes in finding new efficient ways rather than sticking to the crowd.

Yagnesh Soni


Bhavna Soni is the Finance Head at Prahant. With experience in finance and accounts, she manages the Financial Department of Prahant. With a work focussed nature, she prioritises work over anything else. Bhavna never gives up any task no matter how challenging it is.

Bhavna Soni

Finance Head

Amita Patel is the Data Manager at Prahant. With expertise in data management and data organisation, she manages back-end at Prahant which itself is a very Data Extensive company by nature. With an eye for detail, she manages to complete tasks with perfection and accuracy.

Amita Patel

Data Head

Pritesh Patel is a Project Manager at Prahant. With expertise in purchase, inventory and site supervision, he contributes to the overall execution of projects at Prahant. With a very dynamic personality, Pritesh manages multiple responsibilities at the same time.

Pritesh Patel

Project Manager

Nikita Sadhu is an Accounts Manager at Prahant. With expertise in accounting, TALLY and data entry, she contributes to the complete back-end accounting work at Prahant. With a very focussed and calm nature, Nikita manages to overcome challenging tasks with ease and never misses a deadline.

Nikita Sadhu

Accounts Manager

Sadgunbhai is the Legal Coordinator at Prahant. With expertise and experience  in the field of construction, he is dedicated and focussed towards his duties. He manages and coordinates the execution of all legal processes, regulations and documentations at Prahant.

Sadgunbhai Macwan

Legal Coordinator

Yuvraj is the Front Desk Manager at Prahant. Being a very young and enthusiastic individual, he is always ready for challenging and high energy tasks. With innovative ideas and an energetic approach, Yuvraj is a contributor in the overall operations of Prahant.

Yuvraj Chauhan

Front Desk Manager

Dineshbhai is the Office Manager at Prahant. Being one of the oldest employees of Prahant, he is a very hard-working and honest individual. With expansive knowledge and experience of the work practices at Prahant, he prioritises work over anything else.


Office Manager