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What is Redevelopment

Redevelopment is the process of demolishing an existing old and weak complex/apartment and constructing a better, brand new complex/apartment that is loaded with modern amenities, built with the finest materials and planned in the most efficient and ergonomic way possible.

Why Redevelopment?

Old apartments start becoming weaker as they age. Maintenance costs rise and the overall strength of the structure remains dangerous for its residents. Also, the old constructions are far away from the latest standards and lack necessary amenities like elevators, proper ventilation, fire-safety etc. Redevelopment makes these complexes/apartments brand new with modern amenities and built according to the latest norms and standards. This gives a new life to the apartments and improves the standard of living of its residents.


Benefits to existing residents

  • New planning and designs
  • New building with excellent quality of construction
  • Modern Materials
  • More Safety
  • Building as per Latest norms and standards
  • High-Rise Structures
  • Bigger Parking
  • Higher market value to their properties
  • 35+ Years life to their existing properties
  • Modern Amenities
    • Elevators
    • CCTV Surveillance
    • Solar Systems
    • Pest Control
    • Excellent ventilation
    • Gardens


Services covered in Redevelopment

  • Clearing disputed units in the  complex/apartments
  • Legal and Technical Lawful process of Redevelopment
    • Documentations
    • Title Clearance
    • Agreements
  • New Architectural Planning
  • Demolishment of old structures
  • Construction of new planned structure with standard materials and processes
  • Handing over of the units within stipulated time

Turnkey Projects

What are turn-key projects

Turn-key projects are construction projects of units like individual bungalows, hospitals, hotels, banks, malls, complexes etc in which we take up the entire construction for the client and build as per their specifications and requirements.

Prahant ensures that the client gets exactly what they require in turn-key developments so that the client can ultimately watch their vision come to life without actually getting in the hassle and complex procedures of construction.

Areas covered under Turn-Key Projects

  • Planning
  • Designs
  • Construction
  • Interiors
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Appliances


Benefits to clients

  • Modern state-of-the-art planning
  • Out of the box Designs
  • Superior quality of construction and interiors while using best quality materials and techniques
  • Collaborations with the best architects and interior designers in this field
  • Low-Maintenance concepts
  • Cost-Effective budgets while preserving quality and standards
  • Time-bound speedy execution
  • Hassle-free project completion

Project Management

What is Project Management

Project management is one of the most demanded services across the field of construction. It means to take care of all operations that are primarily required to take up a construction project by a developer.

We at Prahant hold decades of experience in the field of construction. We have essentially revolutionised all the processes that are key to a successful project. We are problem-solvers and we have mastered the techniques to solve critical issues that obstruct projects across the country.

We provide the service of project management wherein we do all the work of developing a real-estate project for you. Investors/developers/builders are our primary clientele who avail this service. We essentially take all the burden, stress and workload from your shoulders and help you to successfully plan, execute and sell your project with maximum efficiency and smooth operations.


Services covered in Project Management

  • Legal work of Land
    • Title Clearance
    • NA Process
    • Land Measurement
  • Architectural Planning
  • Plan Passing
    • RERA Passing
    • Local Authority Passing
  • Project loans
  • On-Site execution
  • Labour Agencies
  • Material Suppliers
  • Site Supervision
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Customer Bank Loans
  • Customer deeds and legal documentations
  • Technicalities
    • Electricity
    • Gas Line
    • Individual Electricity Metres
    • Drainage Connections
  • Site Completion
  • Handover to Buyers


Why should you take this service?

We help you make your projects more profitable and easier to run. By providing you with hassle free project handling, Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly detailed reports, constant feeds to work progress and techniques that are tried and tested by us that improve sales and boost project recognition and overall footfall at your projects, we enable you to relax while your project is executed in the best possible manner on Autopilot!


The Prahant Edge

We have very deep experience in the field of real estate development for more than a decade. We have numerous collaborators, agencies, suppliers and contractors that provide the best quality of products and services at very economical prices and with excellent precision and speedy delivery of work. We have extensive expertise in sales of a project and that experience has enabled us to sell out projects in as short as 15 days! We maintain complete transparency and honesty in our work ethics and hence you can rest assured that your project remains in the right hands.

Project Consultancy

What is Project Consultation

Developers, builders and investors often need consultation on project stages like planning what to build, how to reduce costs, how to sell faster, how to resolve common issues faced in projects etc. We at Prahant have a great understanding of all such problems faced in this field and our experience has enabled us to find a solution to each of such issues. We provide full project consultations services to ensure that your project is planned perfectly and is executed and sold with maximum ease.

Services covered in Project Consultation

  • What type of project to build according to the land
  • Planning what to build in your project
  • Pricing your units to perfection according to the demands in the area
  • Selling methods to use for selling projects quicker
  • Resolving disputes in lands, titles and other matters
  • Legal processes like NA, passing, documentations, regulatory permissions.

Why should you take this service?

The success rate of a project depends majorly on what type of project to be kept according to the type of land. Also, the size of units, pricing of units and pocket size of each buyer is a major factor influencing these success rates. All these decisions need to be taken with scientific and practical experience based information and knowledge. Also, many projects go into distress because of reasons that can be solved but the developers lack extensive experience of such problems to solve them. Hence the service of project consultation is needed. Project consultation from Prahant enables the developers to rest assured that their projects are going to be a sure-shot success while any issues faced are easily going to be resolved.

Resolving Distressed Projects

What are Distressed Projects

Distressed Projects are projects that are halted due to reasons like insufficient sales, legal issues, technical problems, passing issues, compliance problems etc. Such projects can resume once these issues have been resolved but the expertise to resolve such issues is rare and hence it's very difficult without proper guidance and experience. Projects halted due to circumstances like this are termed as Distressed Projects and we help to resolve the issues and complete such projects.

Types of distresses

  • Insufficient sales
  • Legal issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Land problems
  • Judicial Issues
  • Passing Issues
  • Disputes between parties

Interior Projects

Prahant takes up turnkey interior projects for clients. We perform all the activities starting from planning, designing, on-site execution and project completion. Since we are associated in the field of construction for such a long time, we are the go-to place for a client to find the latest technologies, design languages, materials, trends and various other aspects regarding interiors. We keep up with the latest trends and concepts and also keep in mind about the practicality, daily-usage and maintenance requirements to deliver exactly what the client desires in the most cost-effective manner.

Services covered in Interior Projects

  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Material Selection
  • Material Suppliers
  • On-Site Execution
  • Appliances and Mechanical

Why Prahant?

  • Modern, Trendy and beautiful Designs
  • Focus on Practicality
  • Latest technologies
  • Low Maintenance concepts
  • Reliable techniques and work
  • Long lasting materials
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Speedy execution
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction